Going for a long outing this summer?  Protect your food, beverages and perishables!

YETI Coolers handle the bumps and bruises of the outdoors, while giving you enough space to store food and drinks for large groups. This is one of the best insulated coolers on the market, and they feature at least 2″ of polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid, and a freezer quality sealing gasket to lock in the cold for long-term ice retention. Fishing friends who use these report days of ice retention.

This tough line also features food grade material construction, dry ice compatibility, non-slip rubber feet, recessed leak-proof drain plug, and a lockable lid design. Heavy-duty T-latches with molded-in keepers fasten the lid securely closed. Molded-in, full-length, self-stopping hinges mean you never have to replace a hinge again. Built-in slots for tie-down capabilities make locking these coolers to a deck or boat easier.

Oh, and did we mention that they’re tough? You have no idea! They have actually been tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) of the US Forest Service in both controlled simulations and with wild grizzly bears. YETI® Tundra™ coolers met IGBC requirements and have been officially approved by the IGBC as a bear resistant container for use on public lands occupied by grizzlies! (Not that we think you’ll run across a grizzly in North Carolina, but you never can tell who will want to get into your stuff!

Check out this video on how tough the Yeti coolers are. So no matter how rowdy your summertime adventures get, your food, beverages and perishables will be safe!

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