As mentioned in previous posts, there are many offerings for single stack concealed carry pistols, and the numbers are growing to meet market demand. Last year, Wather released the CCP, a single stack 9mm that looks and feels like the Walther PPQ, a full size double stack 9mm that is one of the best options available in a full size gun. Despite the 8+1 capacity and a great look and feel of the Walther CCP, it had quite a few issues on the range.

Just a few weeks ago, Walther released the PPS M2, a newer version of the already popular PPS.

First Impressions

Opinions about how a gun looks and feels are going to vary quite a bit. How does it look? Not bad, but it has one of the more comfortable grips I’ve put my hands on in the single stack 9 category. It has a fairly smooth 6lb trigger pull with a short and audible reset.

The controls are all easy to manipulate and they changed the PPS M2’s magazine release from the paddle style to a push button. The sights are standard 3 dot metal sights. It comes with one flush fit 6 round magazine and an extended 7 round magazine that has room for the shooter’s pinky. Considering it’s about the same size as the Smith & Wesson Shield and the Springfield Armory XDS , both of which come with a flush fit, 7 round and extended 8 round magazine, it seems to fall a bit short in round capacity.

Range Testing – shooting, accuracy

We did what we always do: take a few hundred rounds of whatever target ammo we have on the shelf and shoot for accuracy. We shot five round groups from 7, 10, and 15 yards. As far as accuracy is concerned, it’s about the middle of the pack. And by pack I’m referring to the Springfield XDS, Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, and Ruger LC9s which we had a chance to test in our “Single Stack 9mm Shootout And Giveaway”. Unlike the Walther CCP, the PPS had zero malfunctions and was pleasant to shoot. We used both the 6 and 7 round magazines and found no difference in accuracy even with our pinky hanging underneath the grip when using the 6 round magazine.


PPS 7 Yards


10 yard

PPS 10 Yards


15 yard

PPS 15 Yards

Comparison Pictures

We have taken some comparison pictures to give you a better idea about the size of the Walther PPS M2.


Walther PPS M2 vs Smith & Wesson Shield



Walther PPS M2 vs Glock 43


Walther PPS M2 vs Springfield XDS


Left to Right: XDS vs Shield vs PPS M2 vs Glock 43


Left to Right: XDS vs Shield vs PPS M2 vs Glock 43


The Walther PPS M2 is comfortable, reliable, accurate, and at right around $450, it has a price point right in line with the other single stack 9mm’s out there. If you have narrowed your search down to this type of gun, this is definitely one to consider. We will attempt to keep them in stock so if you’d like to put your hands on one, stop by and see us!

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