In 2013, Ruger opened a manufacturing facility in Rockingham County, NC. Currently the NC plant has about 100 workers, but CEO Mike Fifer announced last week to the during a call that he wants to bring the NC plant up to the same level of employees as the Newport, NH, and Prescott, AZ plants, which employ about 2400 people now. This implies that Ruger may need to hire just shy of 1000 workers here in North Carolina to bring the plant up to that level.

It’s no surprise that Ruger is expanding their labor force in order to keep up with orders:

Ruger sold $688 million worth of guns and castings in 2013, up 40 percent compared to 2012 and more than double the amount sold in 2011.

When the Mayodan, NC facility was announced in 2013, the plant was going to focus on new products while the other two facilities worked the existing product line. Fifer announced that the plant is currently only using 20,000 of the 220,000sq/ft available, and he may begin to ease existing product lines into NC as well.

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