Over the past year or so, Ruger has been very competitive in the market, striving to produce firearms that strike a balance in quality design and value. Their recent release of the LC9s has one of the best triggers in the single stack 9 market. Their AR-556 is among the best AR-15s you can buy for around $600. The Ruger precision, a bolt-action rifle that has an extremely modular platform is very affordable considering everything it offers feature-wise. This month, Ruger dropped the price of the LCP which makes them right around $230 and will significantly increase their market share in the 380acp category. Now, they have announced the release of the Ruger ‘American Pistol’, a companion to their ‘American Rifle’ in an all American made line of firearms.

Ruger Claims their American Pistol is the most advanced handgun they have ever made. What makes the Ruger American Pistol different than anything else they have made or anything else on the market? Here are some of Ruger’s key selling points:

  • Offered in both 9mm (17 round capacity) and 45acp (10 round capacity).
  • Requires no trigger pull for disassembly.
  • Ergonomic wrap-around grip module. Helps to adjust both the length of the trigger pull as well as the palm swell.
  • The grip has enough texture to give the shooter a proper grip but not so much that it will rub the shooters hands raw.
  • The controls are ambidextrous and not just reversible.
  • It has a rigid one-piece CNC machined chassis which holds all of the components in the frame together.
  • The frame internals and chassis have corrosion resistant coatings that allow for minimal lubrication.
  • Comes with steel Novak three-dot sights. Night sights are available on Ruger’s website.
  • Short crisp trigger pull with a short and audible reset.
  • It has what Ruger calls a recoil reducing cam which is supposed to distribute the recoil in a way that makes it very easy to shoot.
  • And last but not least it will retail for $579.00, realistically selling for somewhere between $450-475.

We will take one of these to the range as soon as we get our hands on one with a review to follow shortly after. The best way to be notified when we have released a review is to sign-up for our mailing list below or follow us on Facebook.

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