Here at Carolina Gunrunners we pride ourselves on bringing you the best and most popular firearms on the market today. We also pride ourselves on carrying the best products in other areas that our customers need as well. One of those areas is Knives. One of the top of the line brands that we carry is ESEE Knives. ESEE offers a wide variety of fixed blade knives depending on the task you need to perform with them. ESEE knives utilize 1095 steel for all of their blades. This is a non stainless high carbon alloy that has been around for over 100 years. The benefit of using such a steel is the reliability of being able to be sharpened without using exotic stones and is more economical to produce and will also offer our customers a lower price point for a very high quality knife.

ESEE knives all come with either Micarta or G-10 grips, both offer a superb grip on the knife for the user. All knives come serialized from the factory and come standard with a kydex sheath for the blade as well. ESEE’s most popular blades range in size from 3″ up to 6″ and feature a drop point style blade. This style blade will lend itself to perform many different functions for the user and will not limit them to only one purpose.

Most blade lengths also come available in plain edge as well as partially serrated for when a ripping function will serve you better. ESEE designed their knives with usability and durability in mind and when you first pick up an ESSEE knife you will understand why. From the overall thickness of their blades to quality kydex sheaths that come with them, no aspect was overlooked when ESEE set out to build these knives. ESEE also stands behind their knives with a rock solid warranty. Their slogan is “If you break it, we’ll replace it.” The warranty is not only lifetime but is also transferable.

If you have any questions your team at Carolina Gunrunners will always be more than happy to help you, so come to our store and look for yourself at one of the best fixed blade knives on the market today!

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