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  1. I looks like you are a smaller local store, that conducts some online business. I was looking for a store with more exotic inventory. No offense. I am always looking for something new. In addition ,you would be amazed what I can find when going of the beaten track. I left my email, In the event something pops up I have not seen anywhere else ,I would have no problem buying from you and spreading the word to my friends.-Thank you-Shawn.

    1. Ridiculous comment. Like most retailers, Carolina Gun Runners utilizes the efficiencies of on-line connectiveness to expand availability and allow a broader selection via on-line storefront. Sounds like you think every retailer should have the in-store selection of gun show or mega retailer. If so, your expectation is narrow-minded and ignores the small business realities of inventory cost. Keep shopping at XXXX mega-mart and leave Carolina Gun Runners to those customers that appreciate supporting their local gun store.

      I have purchased many firearms from Carolina Gun Runners. Every transaction has been efficient and their professionalism is outstanding. Thank you Carolina Gun Runners for being excellent as a local dealer. Please ignore the vapid criticisms of the clueless.

  2. I bought a rifle private party and used Carolina Gunrunners for the transfer. Yes paying the fee made me a customer but although I wasn’t buying a product of there’s this time I was never treated with anything other than respect and had a great experience! I will most definitely be giving them all my forearm and firearms accessory business!

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