Here at Carolina Gunrunners, we pride ourselves on carrying top quality products for your firearms needs regardless of what you are looking for. HPR ammunition is a perfect fit for the shooter looking for that top quality ammunition, and when we say quality we mean it. HPR ammunition is all hand inspected before shipping to its end users, and not just simply looked over. From HPR’s Website:


Each round is meticulously engineered to the exacting standards of champion shooters and perfected by our ballisticians. Throughout production, each lot is sampled, measured and test fired to ensure consistency and accuracy within HPR’s precision protocols. Every round is chamber gauged and hand inspected by U.S. citizens to ensure only the finest products ever make it into your firearm.”

Very few ammunition manufacturers can stake that same claim in their quality control process. When you buy a box of HPR ammunition you are also buying a 100% American made product.  Everything including the copper jacketing is made here in the United States specifically in Payson, Arizona. HPR ammunition and Carolina Gunrunners also carries their 9mm “EMCON” ammunition which is their abbreviation for Emissions control. This ammunition was optimized for suppressors.  The EMCON rounds are made with their proprietary “hyperclean” technology and will not corrode your barrel as fast as standard “subsonic” ammunition. The round also incorporates a total metal jacket on the lead core to reduce lead emissions. The staff here at Carolina Gunrunners spent some time at the range recently with their 9mm 115 grain TMJ ammunition and tested it out. Overall we were very pleased with the results and we were able to secure some very good groups except a flier and a minor error in trigger control. In the below image we had a 5 round string. Our first shot was the flier but with the remaining four we were able to achieve a group measuring in at .680″ from 7 yards out of our Glock 34.

IMG_20140305_201013_051[1]   IMG_20140305_200957_250

The bottom line for HPR, if you are looking for a 100% American made round with very high quality standards, whether it’s  for competition, self defense or just a day at the range shooting some targets.  HPR ammunition is your ticket and you can find it here at Carolina Gunrunners.

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